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Can I arrange for my own mechanic to remove and refit my gearbox and bring you just the gearbox for repairs?

Yes that's fine but we would ask your mechanic to contact us before removing the gearbox as in some cases we may need fault codes from the car or even test the gearbox before removing. Also we can give your mechanic any advice on fitting the new gearbox and setting it up if needed.

Can you diagnose my car for a gearbox problem?

Yes if you arrange to bring the car in we can normally diagnose a problem while you wait in most cases 10 minutes is all we need.

Do I need to get my gearbox serviced?

There are many modern vehicles that's very important to have the gearbox serviced if you contact us with your car details we can advise you if this is something you need to do.

Do you offer a loan car while my car is off the road?

We are sorry to say no but there is a Local car hire company you can use and we can also drop you there to pick up a car.

Does the work you do carry a guarantee.

Yes we give a 12 months 12000 miles warranty on all full reconditions. On repair only the parts fitted have a 12 months 12000 miles warranty only. Parts not fitted will not be covered.

I have a warranty policy with my car can you process a claim for me.

Yes bring your policy with you we will make the claim on your behalf. When the work is done you have to pay us directly then you give the copy of the bill to your warranty company with the claim number and they reimburse you. If when we make the claim they don't accept it you will be notified before we carry out any repair.

I want to get my gearbox serviced but coming a long distance can I wait while the service is carried out.

We do get customers come a long way for smaller jobs like a service to be carried out. We normally give them a lift into town to look around the shops and maybe get something to eat. When the work is done we ring you then pick you back up. You will need to book a time with us.

If I drop my car in for repair is there local public transport for me to get home as I don't live local?

Yes we are 7 minutes from Wexford town which has a train station and also buses which run about every 30 minutes. We will be happy to run you into town and also pick you up.

If my gearbox needs a full rebuild how long will it take?

OK this is hard to answer it depends on part availability and stock on average its 3 to 10 days but we will advise you when you book it in and will always do our best to turn around the job asap but under no circumstances will we rush the work as this can cause problems.

What if I think there's a problem with my gearbox but I'm not sure?

Don't worry just contact us and bring it in for a checkup. If you think there is anything not right its best to catch it fast before more damage is done. For most fast diagnosis we don't charge so there's nothing to lose by having us take a quick look.

Will I get a fixed price for the work I need doing.

In most cases yes you will get a quote for the work needed if for any reason we find a problem that was not included in the price we will contact you and not carry on with any work unless you are totally happy to go ahead.


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Most modern automatic gearboxes require servicing to beĀ carried out to maintain durability and protect internal components, this is often overlooked. Contact us to find out more


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